Battery4Life is a free tool for windows, which allows users to set a sound notification when battery reaches full or low, You can even set sound alerts for custom charge levels.

The best practice to increase the ‘charge holding capacity’ of your laptop is to unplug  the charger as soon as the charge level reaches 100% and when it reaches 35~30% (don’t wait for 10%) then plug it again, this procedure will helps the ‘charge holding capacity’ of your laptop’s battery .By default windows never give you a notification when the battery reaches 100% ,Using the  laptop in always plugged-in mode  will negatively affects your laptop’s battery backup.

Battery4Life comes with a very simple user interface and minimum options which makes it very easy to configure and use ,Battery4Life starts along with the windows and runs in system background you can always access it from the system tray (a small green battery icon).it’s a must have tool for every laptop users!.

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